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Svet se stalno menja, zanemarujući konzervativne želje.
Jedna od ovih promena-izdanja WordPress (danas kada ovo pišem je 3.avgust, 2021. mi smo na verziji 5.8-WP 5.8…

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Hey, sharing is caring, folks!
Share, it will mean something to someone.

My previous blogs
I wrote two blogs. The first one I started in 2007. and wrote it unitl 2021. ( 14 years!! Hey!) , and the second one I started to write in 2019, which I wrote for 3 years.
Both are no longer visible, except in the Web Archive.

I started my first blog in 2007.

The first blog is on this link, there are about 360 articles.
Written from October, 2007. to December 6, 2021.

The blog was about the importance of children’s camping, non-formal IT education, advice to parents about children they send to camps and advice about children who are a little addicted to the Internet.

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