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From July 2022, Google My Business was no longer available for download, replaced by Google Business Profile (GBP) and two apps: one for Google Search and one for Google Maps. So what does this mean for business owners? And how can you ensure your info is up-to-date? Fundamentally, not a lot changes.Sep 14, 2022

The 2 New Ways You Can Access Your Google Business Profile On Mobile

As many businesses have started to notice, users can no longer download the Google My Business app, meaning they also can’t manage their Business Profiles on Google Maps and Search anymore. 

At the end of 2021, it was announced that Google My Business (GMB) would be replaced with the Google Business Profile (GBP), another way for businesses to manage their local listing. As of April 2022, businesses have been able to manage their GBPs through Google Maps and Google Search apps, which will continue to be the case on mobile. Although the GMB app is no longer, users can still easily access business information and make changes and updates through these other methods.

Here’s what Google have to say:

“Beginning July 2022, the Google My Business mobile app will no longer be available and the Google Maps app will be the best place for managing your Business on mobile. You can also manage your profile on Google Search. On the app, you’ll have access to all the same features, such as replying to reviews, editing your profile and responding to customer messages as you did before – now with the benefit of being able to reach customers where they already are.”

How can you access your Google Business Profile now on mobile devices?

There are two ways you can access your profile on mobile: Google Search and Google Maps, (both with apps you can download to your mobile).

To find your Google Business Profile on Google Search simply search your business name and your profile will appear on the right of the results. Alternatively you can search it on the app and it will be the first thing you see! From both of these methods you can manage your profile.

Google Maps

Google Maps works the same, just search your business name and you’ll find it, or you can click the grid icon next to your profile icon at the top right to access the Google Business Profile Manager.

The Google My Business application is disappearing! What does this mean for your business?

Google made an announcement on April 6, 2022 regarding the definitive removal of the Google My Business application. You’re probably wondering if it’s still possible to manage your business listing without a mobile application. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! 

Why is Google removing the Google My Business application? 

Google will gradually remove the Google My Business mobile application permanently in the coming weeks. Your business listing will not change, just the way you access it will be different.

You can now manage your Google listing through the search engine or Google Maps application. The reason why Google wants to remove the application is for users to utilise Google Maps more and to simplify the process for small medium sized businesses and freelancers!

What is the alternative solution to easily manage your Google listing?

To edit or optimize your Google My Business listing, you will now have to find your listing manually on the search engine by writing ˜My Business’ or in Google Maps directly. This new way to access your listing can be complicated especially if you need to manage several listings. 

To make things easier for you: the alternative solution is Partoo! The easy way to facilitate the management of your Google listing on a single interface, for one or more businesses! 

By using Partoo’s all-in-one solution, you will not only find all the features you were  already used to on the Google My Business application but you will also be able to:

  • Easily change the information in all your listings at once
  • Publish your company’s news with Google Posts
  • View and respond to reviews left by your customers on Google and Facebook
  • Solicit customer reviews via SMS to improve your online reputation
  • Respond to customers who contact you via Facebook Messenger or Google Message 
Credit to:  Aizzaty Sultan Thanks for a great info you’ve share with us, especially about Partoo!
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