Adobe After Effects: Complete Course from Novice to Expert

Course summary

Learn to use this comprehensive software tool to efficiently create motion graphics and visual effects for film, video, multimedia and the web. This is the entry level of our After Effects classes, and this 10 lessons After Effects course will help you start using powerful tools to create a wide range of visual and audio effects. Classes are led by experienced professional in mobile graphics who has experience in the production of broadcasting, film and online media.
Create fantastic motion graphics and effects with ease using the skills you’ll learn in our Adobe After Effects training. After Effects, you’ll learn from digital video and motion graphics professional.
After Effects courses online by a live instructor via Zoom in the same classroom one-to-one or max 10 persons. Learn live online, private Adobe training for After Effects on the spot at your location, from your armchair !


  • You should have Adobe After Effects installed so you can follow along with the course lessons. We’ll be using the Creative Cloud version of After Effects, but you can do many of the lessons in a previous version if you don’t have After Effects CC.
  • Prerequisites:
    *required computer skills
    *Illustrator, Photoshop 
    or *equivalent in knowledge.
  • After Effects can be used through Adobe with a subscription to the Creative Cloud. The cost of using the application is $20.99 a month. You can also use the entire
  • Adobe Creative Cloud at the expense of $52.99 a month

Lesson 1. Digital Video basics in Adobe After Effects
• Analog versus digital
• Frame rate and resolution
• Storage space and system requirements
• Defining motion Graphics

Lesson 2. Using the After Effects Interface
• Creating a project
• Understanding the After Effects panel system
• Organizing the Project Window
• Understanding the Composition Window
• Working in the Timeline Window
• RAM Preview vs. Standard Preview
Lesson 3. Media management
• Importing media files
• Importing Photoshop and Illustrator files
• Previewing footage
• Previewing stills and video
• Previewing audio
• Trimming a video clip
• Using the Interpret Footage dialog box
• Looping an audio or video file

Lesson 4. Using Layers in Adobe After Effects
• Getting to know Layer basics and Layer options
• Creating a layer solid
• Understanding the layer switches
• Using Time stretch and frame blending
• Nesting compositions/layers using precomps

Lesson 5. Using keyframes in Adobe After Effects
• Animation of layer properties using keyframes
• Using layer parenting to ease repetition
• Understanding motion paths
• Working with layer blending
• Controlling the speed of animations
• Learning Easing principles

Lesson 6. Adding text to your project
• Creating text
• Using Character palette and Paragraph palette
• Animating text with keyframes
• Animating text using presets

Lesson 7. Masking and alpha channels in Adobe After Effects
• Masking
• Animating masks
• Working with alpha channels
• Track matte

Lesson 8. Using Effects in Adobe After Effects
• Effect basics
• Animating effects

Lesson 9. Introduction to 3D in After Effects
• Exploring the 3D capabilities and limitations of After Effects
• Creating 3D layers
• Using multiple viewports
• Understanding 3D Transform properties
• Animating 3D layers
• Creating and using lights

Lesson 10. Rendering and exporting
• Rendering from a composition to various formats
• Understanding the Render Queue
• Adjusting render settings
• Duplicating jobs in the Render Queue
• Creating render templates
• Exporting a project file
• Rendering an individual frame

Price for 10 lessons (see Course Topics) depends on the number of students:

Training one-to-one or 5 people

One-to-one:  €300
2 persons: €160/person
3 persons € 149/person
5 persons: €90/person

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